Sunny Side Up – The Theory of Applied Bacon Grease


by 365daysofbacon


What’s the easiest, next best thing to bacon if you’re short on time in the morning?

Eggs cooked in bacon grease!


(Ok, full disclosure: really anything cooked in bacon grease is awesome.)

I’ve come up with this very mathematical & scientific formula for detailing the wonderment and benefits derived from recycling bacon grease. Let’s get real here — you really can’t go wrong with bacon or any of its byproducts.

I’ve dubbed it…wait for it… “The Theory of Applied Bacon Grease”:

Save and reuse your bacon grease =

Save your monies =

Less money spent on non-bacon foods (like olive oil/butter/Crisco [gross]) =

More money for buying more bacon! =

More bacon consumption 

The trick is to NEVER EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER throw away that liquid gold bacon grease leftover in the pan after cooking some yumyum bacon. I implore you:

Always, always, always save your bacon grease.

A mason jar or Tupperware container will work just fine. Heck, if you want to do it old school, even a recycled tin can would work. Don’t waste the bacon grease!

(P.S. You can expect more posts on “How to Reuse Bacon Grease” in the future — for purely environmental purposes, of course.)

Sunny-Side-Up Eggs in Bacon Grease


  • Eggs
  • a spoonful or two of Bacon Grease (enough to coat the bottom of your pan, preferably a generous amount)
  • Hot Sauce, to taste (optional)


  1. Spoon some bacon grease into your pan (or use leftover grease from bacon you’ve just cooked), enough to generously coat the bottom of the skillet/pan.
  2. Heat the pan over medium-low heat until the grease is fully liquid, even partly browned.
  3. Crack your eggs in the pan (don’t stir!)
  4. Let your eggs cook to desired consistency.
  5. Remove from pan in all their bacon grease glory.
  6. Add hot sauce, if desired, and serve! YUM YUM YUM

2 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up – The Theory of Applied Bacon Grease

  1. anna1287 says:

    I completely agree with you about cooking with bacon grease. It adds such a nice flavor to almost any savory food.

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