Bacon’s Back!


by 365daysofbacon


That’s right! I said it — bacon’s back!

(Not to be confused with back bacon, which I hear is very tasty.)

Yeah, like you needed any more reasons to love bacon.

But hey, if you want to justify eating it, there’s this article by Dr. Mercola proposing its health benefits. (Oddly enough, it came out just 2 days after I started this 365 Days of Bacon blog of bacon adventure eating as my New Year’s resolution.)

A lot of misinformed people have stigmatized its fat content and condemned it as a dangerous, forbidden food.

Which is a bunch of baloney. (ha!)

Reminds me of the former smack-talk about coconut oil… which is now being touted as one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

I have a feeling that the coming trend of the health, nutrition, and marketing worlds will be the (re)introduction of animal fats like lard, ghee, and bacon/bacon grease.

Which is good news for us bacon lovers — cuz we’re already on board with eating all things bacon, obvi!

Sometimes I think I should measure my wealth in bacon. It’s like food gold. It’s got chewy, nourishing fat. It’s got crispy, hearty protein. It’s filling and nearly sugar/carb-free. It smells amazing and warms your insides. It coats your lips, locking in moisture and saving a little flavor for later. It makes people fall in love. It conquers the world.

And, oh yeah, it’s freaking delicious.

It’s gonna be the best year. Ever.

3 thoughts on “Bacon’s Back!

  1. I pulled a lot of Bacon nutrition info into this article called, “Bacon, I love you.” It’s a lot better for you than the average Vegan will ever know…

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