Duck Bacon?


by 365daysofbacon


Say whaaat?

Duck bacon?!?

What the….?

So this weekend, I went out for dinner at a small restaurant that relies on hunters/fishers/local farmers to source its food.

  • The BAD news: My grass-fed bison liver with onions and mushrooms was supposed to come with bacon. But it didn’t. This did not make me a happy camper. Obviously, bacon is an essential ingredient. It’s like making chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. Not cool.
  • The GOOD news: Our salads were randomly topped with bacon. This almost made up for the lack of bacon in my entrée. Almost.
  • The REAL question: But was it duck bacon?

I can only surmise it was — based on the rest of the menu which featured a number of other entrées with “duck bacon.”

It looked normal (see the photo). It was a little chewy, maybe a little lighter colored, and not overly salty. It was a nice surprise topping to what would have otherwise been a very plain-Jane salad.

I was curious, as I’d never been introduced to duck bacon before. Seems like it’s rather hard to find. But there is one source of “Duck Bacon” on Amazon.

I guess I lucked out?

5 thoughts on “Duck Bacon?

  1. sinxtanx says:

    Holy mother of Gog bacon everywhere
    I’m following this shit

  2. I just found duck bacon in my local supermarket two weeks ago! I never even heard of it before, so I bought it ( 10.99 lb) and fried a few pieces up to try it. It had the texture of turkey bacon but more the taste of pork bacon, with less fat. Did you know there is all beef bacon, and lamb bacon, too? I didn’t!

  3. […] duck bacon, it hadn’t actually occurred to me that there even was such a thing as venison […]

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