Bacon. The End(s)


by 365daysofbacon


No need to fear.

There’s no bacon shortage. It’s not the bacon apocalypse. It’s not the end of bacon.

Bacon Ends = the ends of bacon slabs!


“Bacon ends” are what I can only assume are the “less than fit for perfectly sliced bacon” pieces.

And they’re wooooonderful!  🙂  Best part? They’re usually cheaper, even though you get more!

Plus, there’s the variety in the package. Some pieces are normal, thick-sliced strips. Some are like small meat candies. Some are like hearty chunks of smoked ham. Some are mostly fat that crisps on the outside and melts like bacon magic in your mouth.

If you’re feeling doubtful, you can try them out first in a recipe where bacon is part of the dish (i.e., Bacon Brussel Sprouts, where you’re not eating them as aesthetically, as, say, bacon and eggs).

That is…if you don’t eat them all before putting them in the dish.

They should come with a self-control warning. (But shouldn’t all bacon?)

I got mine at Trader Joe’s, but you can find them on Amazon and I’m guessing also in some grocers and meat markets.

3 thoughts on “Bacon. The End(s)

  1. AmyB says:

    Woah, I’ve never seen bacon ends. I’m going to look next time!

  2. […] bacon (I used bacon ends) […]

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