Hidden Bacon on the Panera Hidden Menu

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by 365daysofbacon


I ordered the “Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad” off of Panera’s Hidden Menu, and, well, it appears as though they call it the “Hidden Menu” for a reason. 

Trying to find the bacon on my salad was like playing “Where’s Waldo.” The bacon was teeny and well-hidden.

Because there was maybe a half-teaspoon on my whole salad. Crumbs. (Don’t be fooled by the sun-dried tomatoes in the picture.)

It was my first encounter with Panera’s Hidden Menu. I was sadly unimpressed by the salad. There wasn’t much to it, especially for the price. Also we had a bit of a debacle in the store where we were first given the wrong salads because “no one ordered off the Hidden Menu before.” (???) Fine.

But then, almost no bacon? You’re killing me here, Panera.

So, I added my own avocado, pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, oil and vinegar to make it a real salad. With substance. To make up for the lack of bacon.

Stingy bacon hoarders!

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