“Black Gold” Bacon Grease


by 365daysofbacon


What is bacon “black gold,” you ask?

Tsk, tsk … and you call yourself a bacon-loving foodie.


Here’s the simple definition … per your favorite 365DaysofBacon gourmet bacon dictionary authored by yours truly …  😉

Bacon gold (n) colloquial  –  Invaluable, unfiltered bacon grease naturally infused with teeny-tiny burnt bacon bits scraped from a pan, particularly cast iron, known for its outstanding bacon flavor and crunch preserved within the buttery, bacon cream.

Yep, there you have it.

Save that (unfiltered) bacon grease! And use it everywhere!

8 thoughts on ““Black Gold” Bacon Grease

  1. Aniruddh says:

    I know bacon grease isn’t supposed to last very long in your storage (you consume it almost as soon as you make some), but won’t bacon bits in the grease increase the chance of it turning bad? your thoughts on this, coz i feel pretty foolish, having routinely filtered out bacon grease from the pan

    • this is a really good question!

      Personally, I scrape out the big food chunks from the pan and save all the rest, including the flavorful burnt bits. I usually also keep my bacon grease in the fridge, but even when I don’t I haven’t encountered it turning bad.

      I’ve never been much of a germ-a-phobe 🙂

      • Aniruddh says:

        That’s fair, it’s also a function of where one stays i suppose – here in the tropics – room temperature is around 30C, so…

  2. bentodays says:

    Never thought of keeping it, I would have used it straight away to fry another dish. Thanks for the tip!

  3. nrooshkov says:

    I referred to bacon jam as “Black Gold” in my blog when I put it on top of one of my burgers. I have never taken a spoon of bacon grease out of my bacon jar, but am about to go try. Love the blog.

  4. […] eating the grease with the bits of Bacon Grease Black Gold … would be considered […]

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