A Crispy Treat


by 365daysofbacon


Another good side of bacon: it fuels the creative arts.

Bacon Poetry — as composed by my 12-year-old sister.


Bacon, bacon! It’s crunchy and crisp,
And makes an appetizing snack.
It’s very yummy and fills ones tummy,
If additional meat we lack.

Oh steak is alright once in a while,
And satisfies our stomachs at need.
But fried or dried, bacons best,
So let us on bacon now feed.

Curled up like roses or thrown in a stew,
Bacon has hundreds of uses untold.
So head instead to the butchers shop,
More excellent recipes unfold!

– S.G.

5 thoughts on “A Crispy Treat

  1. That’s adorable!!

  2. Cute! I teach seventh grade English, so I frequently see a lot of fun writing. 🙂

  3. crossfitrook says:

    Steak wrapped in bacon…..

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