Bacon Imposter!


by 365daysofbacon



Ok, so I never thought I’d say this about a bacon product, but …

NoooooNoNoNoNotOkay. You either eat bacon. Or you don’t. Life choices, people.

I can’t believe they make vegetarian soy Bac’Uns. Where do I start with what’s wrong with this…

  • Vegetarian bacon = silly idea.
  • (most) Soy = silly idea.
  • The name = silly idea.
  • The fact that an organic company produces it = STILL a silly idea.

And by silly I mean bad.

12 thoughts on “Bacon Imposter!

  1. All you say is true, but consider the following scenario:

    Man’s in love with a woman. She’s vegetarian and militant about it. He can’t understand it, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

    So he can’t have bacon, but he needs something that simulates it.

    I feel for the guy, at the very least, he has to wean himself off.

    At the most, he’s thinking this might be the way to lure the object of his desire (back) to bacon.

  2. AGREE.

    OK I will admit I have Morningstar Farms patties in my freezer – mostly because I can fix them by putting them in the toaster. They don’t have a lot of flavor, but the fact that they’re “breaded” helps. I don’t eat them because I’m trying to wean myself off of real meat, I eat them because they’re quick and convenient.

    Meat bacon bits vs. bacos bacon bits vs. certified vegetarian (WHAAATT????) all have the same level of convenience. They’re for people who want a container of something they can grab and shake on their salad or whatever to add a little flavor.

    Given that – why would I buy a product that’s obviously trying way too hard to be something it’s not? If you want the taste of real damn bacon eat real damn bacon.

    • yep, it was one of the oddest things I’ve come across in the supermarket. i suppose the convenience factor is key — yesterday I saw a GIANT bag of bacon bits (@ Costco, go figure).

      I’m impressed but sad that you are weaning off meat! Never, never give up the bacons! 🙂

      • Ha – NOT weaning my self off meat, just saying I don’t eat the fake soy chicken patties because I expect them to replace chicken. Which is good because they’re not even close… The only way I would give up meat is if I had to kill my own in order to have any. I didn’t know you actually had a facebook page to go with the blog, I just went out and put a like on it!

      • ok good! I was worried — but am glad you can still have bacon and other delicious meats 😉

        Woohoo! Thanks for the FB like, yayyy!

  3. ccwtucker says:

    All I see is “Soy bits”. The word soy cancels out the word Bacon.

  4. Iris says:

    Haha yeah, people probably shouldn’t be vegetarian if they miss the taste of bacon so much that they’d eat a nasty product like this :X

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