Proof that Salad Cancels Out Bacon


by 365daysofbacon

The rumors you’ve been hearing. They’re true.

Salad cancels out bacon. 

Let me explain.

The Salad-Cancels-Out-Bacon Rule

This logic is derived from a spectrum of proven theories, derived as follows, in a highly scien-matical, derive-atory way:

1. First, we establish that the ratio of bacon to salad is the same, that is:

bacon:salad = true

We can now proceed in applying the laws of cross-multiplication.

2. In particular, we make use of the cross-cancellation laws, such that:
bacon/salad * salad/bacon = 1

3. Because we slash-ed-ed both the bacon and salad factors like they’re imaginary, we’re obligated to multiply our remainder by i (the infamous “imaginary number”). Like this:

      1 * i 

4. And i, being imaginary and all, stands for nothing tangible, therefore:
i = 0   carried through as   1 * 0

5. As everyone knows, anything multiplied by zero = 0  therefore expressed as,

      1 * i = 0    or   1 * 0 = 0

6. To conclude and prove that

salad cancels out bacon

See Mr. Willet? I WAS paying attention in AP Calculus.

And heck! You were right. I DID find a practical application for this math stuff.

200 thoughts on “Proof that Salad Cancels Out Bacon

  1. hahaha…so funny…a very innovative use of maths 😉

  2. weanikins says:

    hilarious! i love bacon too.
    it would be awesome if you could follow my blog!! here’s the link –>

  3. Bill says:

    Reblogged this on BillsPlace and commented:
    Don’t feel guilty about eating bacon again….just remember to cancel it out with salad!

  4. katyoparty says:

    Haha–I hate math but love bacon and I have a thick applewood smoked batch that I’ll be cooking up this morning!

  5. adparrish says:

    Quite clever!
    & while salad, does indeed cancel out bacon, as shown by your practical use of magic (I mean math), Bacon also does not have any carbs. While salad, on the contrary, does. 😉

  6. so eating a bacon salad is like a freebie! awesome. LoL very clever. and i wish i could remember that much of my AP calc class. 😛

  7. ksbeth says:

    i am obsessed with bacon it is the perfect food. love your blog, beth

  8. ebites1 says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this 🙂

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  10. The math seems to pass the muster. Now pass the bacon!

  11. Storm says:

    Hmmmmm…..not 100% sure this is true, but very creative!

  12. Nice one! I will definetly be sharing!

  13. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Completely nonsensical, but I laughed my ass off anyway. Now I’m off to have bacon on a veggie burger.

  14. oreaoreo says:

    I have to say this: I don’t understand why bacon is so popular. I personally think it’s overrated. I improved a bit my vision of it when I moved in Ireland and found in Tesco the slices of bacon, made of meat, without the white stripes of fat (in Italy you find only that version). But still, if I have really to choose a part of the pig, I prefer the ham. Blasfemy for you, uh?

    • i would say blasphemy…except I was, at one time, a bacon-hater.

      Obviously, I have since reformed. but I still cannot explain the bacon phenomenon. 🙂

  15. oreaoreo says:

    Anyway salad over bacon, of course.

  16. nattielchild says:

    this is amazing. haha. Love it!

  17. sebastixn says:

    Reblogged this on Lost countdown..

  18. 30and11 says:

    My Kind of Math! my son would love this. just this past saturday at Sam’s I told him that the big tub of Cheese Balls and Carrot Juice we were trying to purchase had cancelled out my Sam’s card which mysteriously stopped working 24hours after we’d just used it with no problem.

  19. Gp3 says:

    Reblogged this on The Every Day Athlete News and commented:
    I never thought I would love math this much but thank you Math for clearing that up.

  20. Mimi says:

    You are hilarious! Love this so much.

  21. Hey, love the marvellous mathematics here. Bacon, essentially, is the key to all our problems in life and I think if we did a lot less arguing and a lot more bacon eating, we’d be a happier species. I’m a shameless self promoter here but I legitimately think you’d enjoy reading this, it relates to your topic

    Please, take a look!

  22. WOW…just when I thought I was the strangest blogger 😉 And then I come upon you and the Meaning of Bacon. Thanks for giving me hope with your clever musings!!

  23. maraellie says:

    Reblogged this on Mara Ellie and commented:
    The best thing on the internet I’ve found this year.

  24. Noma9 says:

    Probably the most legit use of math yet. I won’t be surprised when they start teaching this rule in schools everywhere.

  25. ErinLYYC says:

    hahaha… Awesome. Love your bacon blog!

  26. Marci Wise says:

    Your blog may actually make me like math for the first time ever!

  27. I’m stumped LOL

  28. Reblogged this on smalltownjules and commented:
    As a pork lover, I am greatly pleased to read that salad cancels out bacon! 365daysofbacon is a new MUST read for any bacon/pork lover!

  29. anishchhabra says:

    Woaa! What a concept. You might be a mathematician.. 🙂

  30. desithediva says:

    I suck at math. This flew over

  31. harkheindzel says:

    I kinda liked your post. Keep it up

  32. leeka says:

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha first time I see your blog and laughed my ass off! Plus, I leave with a new way of explaining maths to my kids when I have them 😛

  33. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

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  35. you r reasoning is flawless, I would like give you a nominations to this Liebster award if you choose to accept it

  36. Awesome blog! I love ur reasoning, it makes so much sense.


  37. fitz1 says:

    Nice practical application of an otherwise abstruse theory. I little suspect but the thought of bacon is a nice distraction. Wait until this turns up in pre-calc books in our schools. Someday you’ll be famous.

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  39. celpupi says:

    Wow, now this is what I call mind-blowing hahaha

  40. You’ve convinced me! The only time salad wouldn’t cancel out bacon would be when the bacon is served ON the salad. And then it’s not a case of 1 + 0 = 1; it’s a case of 1 + 1 = YUM!

  41. writerdood says:

    You had me at bacon.

  42. ardenrr says:

    A blog on bacon? I’m in heaven 🙂

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  45. Glenn Smith says:

    I love your math. Thank you. Be sure to check out justglenn 🙂

  46. Glenn Smith says:

    Reblogged this on Chef Glenn Smith and commented:
    Here is someone after my fat laden heart.

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