Bacon Chocolate “Rees-ter” Eggs


by 365daysofbacon

Bacon Chocolate Reeses Easter Egg

Bacon Chocolate Reeses Easter Egg

No need to buy those junk food Reese’s Easter eggs.

I shall bestow upon you an easy, healthful, delicious recipe to fulfill your chocolate Easter candy longings.

No, I’m not Jesus.

The chance I’ll die on behalf of the human race is … slim. Even with all the bacon.

That said, I will collect your monetary offerings on behalf of “The Goddess of Bacon.”




  • 4+ strips bacon, crumbled
  • 1/2 cup bacon grease, coconut oil, butter (or a mixture)
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese or coconut cream
  • 1 cup nut butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 cup powdered sweetener (xylitol, erythritol, Swerve, etc)


  • 3 Tbsp butter
  • 4 squares (oz) unsweetened baking chocolate
  • 5 tbsp heavy cream
  • unsweetened, powdered baking cocoa (if needed, to thicken)
  • sweetener (optional)


  1. Fry bacon, drain on paper towels, set aside in freezer or fridge to cool and harden.
  2. Beat coconut cream/cream cheese, butter, nut butter, and vanilla until smooth. Mix in sweetener. Crumble in the bacon.
  3. Place this nut butter mixture in fridge to harden slightly, just until it becomes a thick dough that’s still malleable (5 – 10 minutes).
  4. Remove nut butter mixture from fridge and roll, press, pinch, etc into egg shapes, placing on a tray lined with wax paper.
  5. Chill nut butter eggs in freezer while making chocolate coating.
  6. Melt baking chocolate squares and butter on stove over low heat.
  7. Turn off the heat and stir in cream until mixture thickens. If necessary, add additional cocoa powder. Add sweetener, if using. 
  8. Dip and “paint” the nut butter eggs with chocolate. Return to wax paper tray.
  9. Place in fridge at least until chocolate has hardened.

Store in fridge.

14 thoughts on “Bacon Chocolate “Rees-ter” Eggs

  1. Robert Kay says:

    I must say, I’m not currently in a place where I can get bacon, but if I was this would be in my fridge before dinner.

  2. marymary says:

    Oh my goodness this looks incredible. I have got to try this. I’ve done chocolate-covered bacon on multiple occasions but this recipe is just so beyond.


  3. emilylorraine says:

    These look AMAZING. As for the heavy cream, what do you use?

    • Hi Emily,

      I used an organic, pasture raised cream. I think it was Organic Valley brand.

      Haven’t tried it in this recipe, but I often substitute coconut milk (full-fat, from can) for dairy cream. I think it should work here, too.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Ally says:

    mind blown

  5. Shelley Sikora says:

    Reblogged this on Back Pocket Recipes by Shelley Sikora and commented:
    I can almost taste how good these will be.

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