Costco Bacon Bits Bag


by 365daysofbacon

Costco Bacon Bits

Costco Bacon Bits

I wish I coulda bought stock in Costco a few years back. They seem to be doing ridiculously well, as I surmised by a visit on a Saturday afternoon. (I won’t make that mistake again. Saturdays at Costco are like Black Friday.)

I figured it out. Costco’s secret to rampant success, that is:

Everything’s better with bacon  +  Everything’s bigger at Costco  =  Costco Big Bag O’ Bacon Bits

Yep. 1.25 lbs of bacon bits. And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

You know, just in case you have a bacon emergency, and you find yourself without any on hand. Or in case there’s a bacon shortage. Or in case there’s an apocalypse. Or in the event that there’s a rapid, unexpected extinction of the porcine population.

You’ve gotta be prepared, people.

While I was amused by the big bag o’ bacon, I had to pass it up. The ingredients just weren’t up to par.

Heartbreaking. But still. Amusing.

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