Bacon Gossip Overheard at Gym


by 365daysofbacon

Bacon Fit

Bacon Fit

It sometimes strikes me the way that people think they’re inaudible while exercising. I enjoy the snippets of conversation. Especially when they’re about bacon.

And yes, I go to the gym. Sometimes. When eating bacon doesn’t get in the way.

Anyway, I heard this interesting exchange between 2 young guys working out on the elliptical machines, at about 6:40 P.M.:

Guy 1: Dude, all I’ve eaten today was 5 strips of bacon.

Guy 2: Yeah, I’ve only had a sandwich.

Guy 1: I was only gonna eat 3 pieces and give 2 to the dog, but it was so good I ate all 5.

Now, I, too, can survive on a bacon-only diet.

But I’m gonna need more than 5 strips to cover me for a whole day. Gorsh.

2 thoughts on “Bacon Gossip Overheard at Gym

  1. I need that shirt and I really love your blog!

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