10 Excuses for Making Bacon Chocolate Roses

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by 365daysofbacon

Chocolate Bacon Roses

Chocolate Bacon Roses

My sister’s getting married today. Hurray, hurray, hurray!

If I wasn’t in the wedding I’d make the lovebirds some Bacon Chocolate Roses.

Ok, who am I kidding? Even with a double-batch and the best of intentions, the Bacon Chocolate Roses would never make it to them. They’re too good. I’d eat them. All.

They might get a sticky chocolate card that smells like bacon, at best.

If you haven’t yet had an excuse to make my Bacon Chocolate Roses, and can’t use the wedding present excuse, I’ve come up with a few other viable reasons to make them:



10 Excuses for Making Bacon Chocolate Roses

  1. It’s somebody’s birthday, somewhere, and you’re celebrating it with them (in spirit).
  2. You’re deficient in Vitamins B & C (Bacon and Chocolate).
  3. It’s a special day – you know, one that ends in “-day.”
  4. You’ve got an empty flower vase on the table, but real flowers make you sneeze and fake flowers are just too chintzy.
  5. Your artsy, creative, need-to-sculpt-a-masterpiece side is feeling malnourished.
  6. Your boy/girlfriend broke up with you …or… you got a new boy/girlfriend.
  7. There’s “all this extra bacon just laying around” needing to be eaten. You know. Before it expires. (umm, because this always happens in my house?)
  8. It’s the weekend! …or… it’s not the weekend. Yet. Sigh.
  9. You’ve been told you need to take time to “stop and smell the roses.” But you don’t like the smell of those dead, red things with the tricky thorns.
  10. There was a sale on both bacon and chocolate at the grocery store, aka a universal sign you should eat them together.

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