Study Finds Cold Bacon to be Best Cure for Hangover!


by 365daysofbacon



Bacon has secret, curing capabilities, specifically in replenishing vital nutrient deficiencies and reducing the side effects of a hangover.

You need these types of things to help you recover from a hangover:

  • Protein – replenishes the B vitamins you peed out
  • Salt – restores electrolyte balance
  • Fat – nourishes and soothes with vitamins A, D, E, K

Which could pretty much be an advertisement for bacon!

Weird coincidence!

Bacon  =  Protein  +  Salt  +  Fat

This was studied and confirmed by, err, umm, two people I know who wish to remain anonymous. 

Anyway, the point is — a plate of cold bacon, a cuppa black-as-dirt coffee, and an ice pack should pretty much chase the alcohol zombie right out of you.

2 thoughts on “Study Finds Cold Bacon to be Best Cure for Hangover!

  1. lequizzle says:

    More bacon porn from you every day. I. love. it.

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