Bacon Bourbon for Father’s Day


by 365daysofbacon

Bacon Bourbon for Father's Day

Bacon Bourbon for Father’s Day

If you’re wondering what the Fathers of the world have always wanted, I’ve figured out the answer.

You should really pay me for it, but since I’m feeling nice today I’ll just tell you.

Bacon and Bourbon.

Is there anything man-lier?

And the good news is. The Bacon Bourbon only takes a couple strips of bacon so … there’ll be plenty leftover for Dad to just … eat.

Word to the Wise: The recipe makes, arguably, more than enough for just Father to drink. And, like the Father in your life, it’s … strong.



Inspired by the 4-Hour Chef



  1. Infuse 2 tsp bacon fat in 240 ml bourbon in mason jar or freezer-proof jar with tight lid. Stir, shake, or immersion-blend the concoction.
  2. Leave on counter overnight / next day.
  3. At least an hour or more before drinking, place in freezer for an hour to solidify fat.
  4. Spoon out fat, save for future cooking (e.g., adds a great flavor to sauteed mushrooms, see future post!).
  5. Strain bourbon through a coffee filter or layered paper towels.
  6. Drink when you’re ready!

6 thoughts on “Bacon Bourbon for Father’s Day

  1. Bacon and Whiskey is definitely becoming a hit – I see it fairly regularly these days. But here’s the challenge: Which non-grain alcohols will go well with bacon? Let’s find a Paleo Man-Bacon drink!

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