Raw Bacon?


by 365daysofbacon

Raw Bacon

Raw Bacon

I’ve got a bacon confession to make:

Sometimes raw bacon smells good to me.

Especially the hickory-smoked kind.

But no, you weirdo-s, I haven’t eaten it raw.


But I’ve got roughly 6 months of bacon blogging left … so … who knows?

Bacon sushi, anyone?

Bacon tartare?

Ahi bacon steak?


8 thoughts on “Raw Bacon?

  1. jesselyn6585 says:

    Proscuitto is eaten raw…it’s aged pork. You could probably get away with eating raw bacon. I don’t know that I’d like it as it’s so much thicker than proscuitto. One of the world’s best sandwiches is in fact proscuitto with sharp cheddar on crusty bread. It’s Hubby and I’s favorite picnic fare.

  2. LCHF...What? says:

    I’m going to make a confession here too – I actually quite enjoy ‘raw’ smoked bacon! Sometimes I sneak a slice when I am preparing it. Remember, if it is smoked bacon – it is not raw, it has been cured and smoked – it is the bacony equivalent of smoked salmon!

  3. I buy food at a market that sells bacon at the deli counter. If you buy the bacon, they slice off a strip for you to try. This is especially common in Eastern Europe, I think.

    Be careful with “smoked bacon” unless the vendor explicitly says you can eat it without further cooking. A lot of the “smoked” things we buy are raw with smoke flavoring.

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