Bacon Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream Cake


by 365daysofbacon

Chocolate Bacon Cake

Chocolate Bacon Cake

My birthday is approaching. I have one wish: Bacon Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream Cake

Holy schnikes.

Please, please, please can the birthday fairy present me this cake, allow me to devour it without any health ramifications, and then promptly erase the memory from my mind so I am never, ever again tempted by it.

It’s so beauuuuuutiful.

Even better, it’s actually low-carb, gluten-free, chocolate, spiked with coffee, AND COVERED IN BACON.

Which is because it was crafted by one of my all-time favorite low-carb, gluten-free food bloggers, the food queen of I Breathe, I’m Hungry, you should totally check stalk her amazing recipes like I do.

Chocolate Bacon Cake

Chocolate Bacon Cake

I promise to be good if this is what’s served in heaven.

10 thoughts on “Bacon Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream Cake

  1. This cake I would actually want to try! Is there a real recipe for this cake?! I would definitely have to try it! 🙂

  2. dogsmum says:

    Oh my, I neeeddddd the recipe!

  3. Matthew W says:

    Would I be bad if I suggested a bacon chocolate rum cake???

  4. Oh for the love of all that’s mighty… I…NEED… this!!!!!! Coffee and bacon, my favorite two items in one!!! On that note, have you had a bacon cappuccino in San Francisco yet?! It’s life changing. Coffee and bacon go so incredibly well together!

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