Bacon Fountain of Youth? Bacon’s Impact on Health Revealed


by 365daysofbacon

Bacon Health

Bacon Health

This post could be your justification for eating more bacon. 

You can thank ManBacon for being the guinea pig (ha).

To celebrate the passing of 6 months of bacon blogging, my birthday month, and your very excellent readership, I have a present for you!

Here’s a guest post from ManBacon on how his health markers have changed from eating all my bacon experiments over the last 6 months of this crazy 365DaysofBacon blog.

Bacon Fountain of Youth? Bacon’s Impact on Health Revealed



Hi. It’s ManBacon.

Could bacon really be the fountain of youth we’ve all been searching for?

Okay, probably not so much. But with that being said, I still have some pretty fan-freakin-bacon-tastical news for all us low-carb, Paleo, bacon aficionados!

You see, since adding obscene amounts of bacon to my diet over the past year, my annual health results have improved in a pretty dramatic fashion over the last year.

If we were to look for a correlation between my large increase in bacon consumption and the positive changes in my standard “health markers” we could claim:

Bacon has boosted my health — significantly.

Okay okay… maybe my health improvement over the past year has more to do with me following the Paleo diet more strictly than in years past.  But the funny thing is, I’ve probably eaten more bacon this year alone than the so called “experts” would recommend eating in a lifetime!

I know a lot of people use the following markers to evaluate their health. Personally, I’m not one of those people, but, well, see for yourself…

                                             2013            2012
Total Cholesterol                  235              226
increase caused by increase in “good” HDL cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol                    75                59
recommended is 60 or higher
TC/HDL Ratio                         3.1               3.8
recommended was 4.5 or lower
Blood Glucose                       85                 97
recommended was 139 or less
Blood Pressure                      117/73          129/72
recommended was 119/79

Weight                                  203                219

Height                                   6’0″               6’0″
Exercise                                Cardio about the same.  More strength training in 2012
Diet                                       Stricter paleo, lower carb in 2013 than in 2012.
                                             Way more bacon in 2013 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bacon Fountain of Youth? Bacon’s Impact on Health Revealed

  1. as much as I LOVE BACON your numbers have everything to do with whatever else you are doing and NOT the bacon!! But I ADORE BACON!

  2. Good job on that HDL improvement! That’s awesome!

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