Bacon, Wine & Cheese


by 365daysofbacon


The Royal Bacon Trifecta: Bacon, Cheese, Wine.

Maybe not as royal as new baby Prince George, but the combo is still fit-for-a-king (or queen).

Anddddd, it was consumed whilst watching a Polocrosse sporting event from the lawn of a CASTLE

Ok, it wasn’t a REAL castle. (If anyone finds one of those in America, let me know)


And technically, it wasn’t bacon, it was prosciutto. Which I should think is the fancy schmancy of bacons, anyway.

Anyway. It was still royally enchanting.  🙂

Made me feel like I should have been wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Princess-Di style.

4 thoughts on “Bacon, Wine & Cheese

  1. brettfish says:

    we saw one in the Napa Valley area outside of SF… too expensive to go inside but was very castley from the outside!

  2. Bacon, cheese and wine…are my favourite words! HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂

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