ManBacon’s Bacon Grease Burn


by 365daysofbacon

Bacon Disaster

Bacon Disaster

Bacon Grease Burn

Bacon Grease Burn

ManBacon got bacon burned this weekend.

That evil bacon grease decided to bust a glass jar all up in his hand.

He’s used to getting popped by spitting grease, but, well, this time the bacon got its revenge. Neither of us quite understand what happened, but basically…

Cold glass jar of bacon grease from fridge +

hot bacon grease from stove  +

moving the jar  =

glass jar breaks, ManBacon’s hand burned

I can safely say neither of us, nor my bacon-grease-splattered kitchen, recommend this as a fun way to interact with bacon grease.

But don’t worry, after some ice packs and aloe vera, ManBacon is ok (phew). Luckily, the glass jar severed neatly, didn’t cut his hand, and didn’t spew any shards.

And my kitchen really needed to de-greased anyway, so we’re good there, too. 

Lesson learned: wait to cleanup kitchen until after eating bacon…aka, after cold glass jar has warmed and hot bacon grease has cooled.

7 thoughts on “ManBacon’s Bacon Grease Burn

  1. Matthew W says:

    I hate it when Bacon fights back !!

    My bacon disaster:

  2. cmblake6 says:

    OUCH! This has happened to me, and I express my sympathy!

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  4. […] I couldn’t have done it without ManBacon, who withstands awful Bacon Burns, crushes Bacon Bam-Bam Meatballs, scales tall stacks of Bacon Pancakes, fights for […]

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