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  1. Bacon and Egg Easter Bunny


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Egg Easter Bunny

    This bacon-and-egg bunny wishes you a hippy-hoppy-Happy Easter! 🙂 (thanks to http://foodgawker.com/post/2013/03/24/232941/)

  2. Bacon-less Fridays Prevent Bacon Shortage


    by 365daysofbacon

    Lenten Bacon

    I like it.

  3. Bacon Quiche Cupcakes


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Quiche Cups

    Here’s an easy Easter quiche. That isn’t so … “quiche-y.” But still fancy and flavorful. Call them quiche cups, egg …
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  4. Make a Bacon Basket for Easter!


    by 365daysofbacon

    The Bacon Easter Basket. It’s more than a gift basket; it’s brunch AND dessert. Just don’t forget to hard-boil the eggs. …
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  5. Bacon Chocolate “Rees-ter” Eggs


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Chocolate Reeses Easter Egg

    No need to buy those junk food Reese’s Easter eggs. I shall bestow upon you an easy, healthful, delicious recipe …
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