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  1. 2014 – Bacon Roses Kits? Coffee & Bacon-ry Shop? Bacon Wedding?


    by 365daysofbacon


    Well 2013, you were the Year of Magical Bacon-ry. ManBacon and I just got engaged. Bacon rings for everyone! And …
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  2. Bacon Sloppy Joes in the Grok-pot


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Sloppy Joes with Portobello Mushroom Bun

    I was honored to write this guest post for one of my all-time fav Paleo food bloggers – Urban Paleo …
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  3. Farewell to Bacon


    by 365daysofbacon

    Friends in Bacon, It saddens me greatly to to say I’ll be making an early departure from the Happy Land …
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  4. Bacon Clock


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Clock

    Hey, the hands don’t move! …And there’s no spot for a battery. And no cord… Weird.

  5. Ford Makes Your Bacon Wrapped Car Dreams Come True?


    by 365daysofbacon

    Ford Bacon Car

      I never thought this day would come. I found something wrapped in bacon that I won’t eat.

  6. Bacon Dill Blue Steak Scramble


    by 365daysofbacon

    Quick! Whaddya do with steak leftovers? Correct answer: Eat steak with eggs and bacon. Eat like a king for breakfast. …
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  7. Burn Bacon, Burn

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    by 365daysofbacon

    Burn Bacon, Burn