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  1. Bacon Alphabet


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Alphabet

    Now that’s a real world job. Making the alphabet out of bacon. Bacon alphabet graphic designer by day, Sir Knight …
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  2. Funny Bacon Commercial

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    by 365daysofbacon

    Tim Horton Bacon Commercial

      Like bacon even needs the advertising.

  3. Mr. Weebl’s Bacon Song


    by 365daysofbacon

    Bacon Song

    Ok so it’s a little over-the-top. But I laughed. Several times.

  4. How to Cook Bacon Video – “You’re Doing it All Wrong”


    by 365daysofbacon

    How to Cook Bacon Right

    I find bacon purists amusing. Like this one from Chow, informing us so seriously on how to cook bacon “the …
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  5. Bacon Comedy Clip


    by 365daysofbacon

    This is hilarious bacon video clip from comedian Jim Gaffigan. He’s pretty much right on. 🙂