Why & How to Reuse Bacon Grease


by 365daysofbacon


The Fountain of Youth. The Mecca of flavor. King Midas’ liquid gold … BACON GREASE!

I realize some people find this gross.
I find some people gross.
It works out.

Please, please, please, I implore you: save and reuse your bacon grease! This is flavor gold.

Drain the hot grease right into a jar if you’d like (or, ahem, a tin can). Scrape out the crunchy black bits from the pan and drop those in there, too.

And don’t just leave it there. Reuse it! Or send it to me, and I’ll reuse it.

If you still need more convincing…


Let me count the ways:

  • It’s the next best thing to bacon. Fanfreakingtastically good. Tastebud paradise.
  • It will save you money because you will buy less butter and other cooking oils.
  • Reusing things is “green” and all that jazz.
  • Because there’s no good way to dispose of it, except in your bel-ly. Ex-nay on dumping it down the drain, running it through the disposal, or throwing it in the trash. Those are not ideal options, unless maybe you live in an apartment, don’t pay utility service fees, and hate your landlord.
  • It’s not as bad for you as you think.
  • It’s much better for you than other processed and/or hydrogenated oils.
  • Your grandma would be proud and pinch your cheek.
  • Because you can experience all the yum of bacon without actually buying and cooking it.
  • The $4-$9 you spent on that package that disappeared before you got any goes a lot farther.
  • You can get a quick bacon fix anytime if you stick a spoon in the jar and then spoon in your mouth.  (You think I’m kidding on this one but…)
  • Sometimes you need to sneak bacon flavor into things (sans the actual crispy pieces).


Besides the recipes on this site, here are a few other great reasons to save and reuse that liquid bacon grease gold:

  • Replace butter/oil with it in most recipes.
  • FACT: It can be slathered on…pretty much anything.
  • Hair conditioner?
  • Moisturizing lotion?
  • Chapstick?
  • Useful in attracting mates.
  • Seasoning for cast iron.
  • Grease for mechanical things.
  • Baits wild animals.
  • Scares children.
  • Works for discouraging / uninviting dinner guests you don’t like (the fat-phobiacs will run. It’s ok, we don’t need them, they don’t appreciate good food anyway)

13 thoughts on “Why & How to Reuse Bacon Grease

  1. Love the word “fat-phobiacs”…check out my cooking blog…I use bacon, bacon grease and butter in many recipes! Our bodies need fat!

  2. […] Why & How to Reuse Bacon Grease. […]

  3. boyswithgoats says:

    Red beans and rice isn’t the same without bacon grease.

  4. Ev says:

    A girl after my own heart… just don’t let my cardiologist hear me talking about bacon! 😉

  5. Ohh, gotta keep my bacon grease! I don’t eat those lovely little strips of heaven nearly as often as you seem to, but there’s always that little jar at the back of the fridge.

  6. Sharon Emanuel says:

    how long can you keep it in the fridge?

  7. Use it to pop popcorn.

  8. Nicole says:

    Your blog is funny. Enjoyed reading it.

  9. Cat Carlson says:

    This is what I wanted to hear! Let allllll the Keto dieters know however you can!

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